• Grass Cutting Mississauga Teens Cast on Family Channel!

    March 7, 2016 | Blog | root
  • It's always good news to hear about fellow citizens based out of Mississauga have successful opportunities. In this instance a young woman named McKenzie Small of Erin Mills succeeded at an audition for a brand-new show featured on the family channel called Backstage. The show debuts March 18 at 7 PM on family channel. The show also features another star from Erin Mills - Colin Petierre. He's only 17 years old. The show, which specializes around the arts-or rather a special school for the arts was a natural fit for Colin because of his experience in dance at Mississauga's performing arts high school Cawthra Park.

    Grass Cutting Mississauga Teens

    (Picture above is some random photo of a Mississauga teen cutting grass). We recommend all kids cut grass for atleast 3 years or more. They can then apply to Clear Cut Group for a job as a grass cutter.

    While there has been much praise for these young people with respect to their newfound acting roles in such a major channel. Family channel! Doesn't get much bigger than that. Perhaps one day a really big famous actors and actresses in Hollywood may take notes of the rising talent that we have here!

    Grass Cutting Mississauga Teens

    I have to tell you - we're quite proud of our young Canadian friends. Making it in the acting game is a lot of fun. Almost as fun as cutting grass! In some ways, it's almost the same thing. You push something along and regardless of how hard you do eventually you turn it into something beautiful. And that's exactly what your lawn in Mississauga will look like with Clear Cut Group.

    The bad news is we now have two less people to Cut Grass in Mississauga. That's great news for clear cut group because we would be happy to take on any grass cutting in Mississauga regardless of how many teenagers follow their acting dreams.

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