• Gas Mowers Versus Electric Mowers

    April 4, 2016 | Blog | root
  • Thinking about a new mowing system? You may want to go through all the advantages and disadvantages of each system. For some people they may wish to keep things traditional and stick with a push mower. A push mower be in the traditional mower that you push and otherwise powered by your own body. You remember those ones, right? There is a huge benefit to environment that we can't deny. Think about this for second. If every single person in Canada had a push mower it could only be a positive impact for the environment. However, for most this is an unsavory solution. After working all week the last thing they want to do is exercise. And whether or not you like it lawncare season is almost here.

    Gas Mower Versus Electric MowerIt seems the industry comes out with bigger and better lawnmowers. But do you really need all that extra power? And more importantly should you get a gas mower or an electric mower? Electric mowers have been around for about 45 years now. They are generally a bit cheaper than gas mowers. They're much easier to start and don't pollute the environment. They are quiet. Provided you paid your electric bill you can run these machines all day long. Aside from an annual blade sharpening they don't require any maintenance. On the flipside you will have to contend with the obvious annoyance and hazard of an electrical cord. Electric lawnmowers also perform not as good as gas mowers. They tend to be a lot more difficult when the grass is wet. And while some people may be thinking they are doing good for the environment the reality is the energy created for electric mowers was made through the use of fossil fuels.

    Gas mowers are a completely different system. Can you believe they've been around for 100 years? Clear Cut Group only uses gas lawnmowers when doing our residential grass cutting service. They are a more expensive then their electric mower counterparts. They have more power and as such they are able to do a more thorough job. There are no limitations on the size of your yard. It all comes back to the amount of fuel. Generally speaking they require a lot less physical effort compared to an electric power. And obviously we have to contend with the very loud noise. Environmental conscious individuals like the fact that it pollutes the air. We should also point out that gas mowers require more maintenance including buying oil and spark plugs and gasoline.

    There is nothing worse than being almost done cutting your grass only to realize you have run out of gas. Although cutting your electrical cable with your lawnmower can't be much better. There is another solution aside from a push mower that we will talk about in the near future. And that is the battery-powered mower. Is this solution better than both? You have to read our blog to find out. In the meantime if you have any grass cutting or lawncare related questions comments and/or feedback please feel free to get in touch with Clear Cut Group and we will be happy to assist you.

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