• How Often Should You Water Your Lawn?

    April 6, 2016 | Blog | root
  • This is a question we get asked a lot. And the answer is not only what your personal needs are going to be but what also is in accordance with local bylaws. Local municipalities often have watering restrictions throughout the summer to prevent strain on their system.

    Note: Make sure to contact your local municipal government to ensure you are in compliance with any local bylaws where water restrictions may be in effect.

    For a lot of people they leave it to mother nature to take care of all their grasses watering needs. And most of the time this will be perfectly fine. For others they want to make sure they've done everything in their power to get the most luscious, green lawn in the neighborhood. There are other instances when watering your lawn simply makes sense. For example, it would hasn't rained for some time. What about fresh grass seeds or fresh sod? Some areas of your lawn could be exposed to direct sunlight for a substantial part of the day. In these areas the grass is is sure to drive quicker.

    Grass Cutting Company MississaugaIf you do decide to water the first thing you want to consider is the look and feel of the grass. If the grass color is more dull than usual and a footprint remains in the ground (grass to some pop back up) this is a good indication that you need start watering. As far as when to water it is always important to avoid getting your grass wet during the hottest part of the day. This is generally around lunchtime. Because it's so hot the water will quickly evaporate.

    The Best Time to Water your Grass

    best underwater grasses simple. It's in the very first thing in the morning when the sun starts to pop up. Right up into about 10 AM. There's a lot less hot sun. 

    The Next Best Time to Water Your Grass

    In a perfect world we would be to attend to our grass every day and on time. April whatever reason you are unable to water your lawn in the morning the next best time is going to be in the evening. Try to find a window between 4 and 7 PM. The reason this is the next best time as opposed to the 'best' time to water your grass is because watering in the evening sometimes leads to bacterial growth the cool, evening temperatures.

    How Much Water?

    Generally speaking you are going to want to apply about a half inch of water. This will be done about twice per week. Keeping a regular schedule will be important. Depending on the system that you have, if it's a sprinkler, or perhaps you're using a hose - it can take anywhere from 15 minutes to 45 minutes to water your grass effectively. Don't be afraid to get down into the grass to see just how high the water level is. This will ensure your lawn is receiving the correct amount.

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