• Understanding Fine Fescue and Kentucky Bluegrass Varieties

    April 11, 2016 | Blog | root
  • As its name suggests the Fine Fescue grass type is a brilliant variety. It has been described as the finest blade of grass for lawns. It is very aesthetically pleasing. This particular grass has a habit of growing in uniformity with the other blades. It is very easy to establish the seed. It is considered a cool season grass as it is accustomed to cooler summers and higher altitudes. They can even do well in Canada. Fine Fescue grass does a great job of blending in with other grass types and varieties. In fact it is often blended and because of this fact. It grows well in the shade and can do quite well if there is not enough moisture. It has a very good tolerance to both cold and warm weather. In fact it can even be used where there are very wide ranges with respect to fluctuations in temperature. While this grass has a lot of positive benefits Fine Fescue has a difficult time recovering from extreme where. However considering that it does not require much water compared to other grass varieties and for the most part has an excellent resistance to disease, insects and weeds it is a very popular choice.

    Fine Fescue & Kentucky Bluegrass

    Kentucky Bluegrass, like the Fine Fescue variety is also considered a cool season grass and offers a very beautifully dark green appearance rich with color. This is the most widely accepted grass type. You'll find it in most residential and commercial lawn applications. In addition to this Kentucky Bluegrass there also be found in sports fields, parks and even cemeteries. This is also the variety of grass you will find mostly in playgrounds. This grass is a very good tolerance for cold weather. Especially cold winters. Conversely it will do quite well in extremely hot weather. However you will want to ensure that it is maintained and watered regularly to ensure healthy state. One of the disadvantages to Kentucky Bluegrass is it's very poor tolerance and shady conditions as it does much better in open areas. Although this can be forgiven considering how quickly it can recover from regular wear and tear. This is especially true in the spring and fall time as the rhizomes within the grass are enhanced which, in turn, allow the grass to kick back more quickly.

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