• How Short Should You Cut Your Grass?

    April 12, 2016 | Blog | root
  • This is one of the most common questions regarding grass and lawn care. And believe it or not it varies between the season. One of the biggest misconceptions homeowners have is being afraid to cut the grass too short. This is obviously a concern if you see more soil then grass. However there are many benefits to cutting the grass very short. For starters it is excellent weed control. Regular lawn cutting reduces weeds dramatically. It also reduces pests such as ticks, mice, etc.

    Grass Cutting HeightConversely, cutting your grass shorter as opposed to longer causes for an increase in moisture usage and retention. This is because the grass is fighting to get back on its feet after a near annihilation. Cutting your grass really short also reduces the amount of chlorophyll that is available. Chlorophyll is used to manufacture the energy that is needed for the grass roots as feel. Basically, when you have longer blades you essentially have more chlorophyll.

    Shorter grasses make the soil more vulnerable because there is more direct exposure. As a result erosion and trying out quicker or faster is not uncommon. You will also have to cut your grass more frequently if you credit shorter on a regular basis. This is because grass grows quicker after it has been cut shorter.

    So what is the best grass cutting length?

    Well, the truth is it is not so much about the height as it is the consistency if you are thinking in terms of a good looking lawn. However there is something to say about a 3 inch tall grass cut. It is our experience that a 3 inch cut in the spring and through most of the season is ideal. We consider it the Goldilocks zone. It is not too short where there are risks to the soil. And it is not too long where it looks unpleasant. It's a great height considering all the factors including the type of grass and the climate the we have in southern Ontario. 

    The One Third Rule

    Another common rule that is a consensus amongst many grass cutting companies is the 1/3 rule. What is means is simple: When cutting grass never cut more then 1 third of the original blade of grass height. 

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