• Fresh Air From your Lawn? Who Knew!

    April 14, 2016 | Blog | root
  • Fresh Air From Your LawnThis is probably one of the most unknown qualities or characteristics about residential (or any lawn for that matter) grass. Grass actually makes the environment a much cleaner place. It does this by filtering and trapping dirt, smoke and other air pollutants. We all know in this day of age there are many negative aspects associated with smog in the air. Dust is another underrated and important health concern as well. Grasses can absorb these gaseous pollutants and break them down. It is done so through their leaves. The result is clean, fresh air. Residential grasses, through their blades, also take on a mix of the worst atmospheric pollutants including: carbon dioxide, hydrogen fluoride and peroxyacetyl nitrate. 

    If you have ever walked down a dusty road on a windy day there's a good chance you were not able to escape the dust. It's fascinating to think that dust, dirt and even smoke are captured through blades of grass. All the evidence and surveys are clear that there are significantly lower levels of pollutants in areas where there is grass. In one years time there is literally millions of tons of dust and dirt that is captured by grass which would otherwise be blowing around!

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