• What Do You Do With Grass Clippings?

    April 15, 2016 | Blog | root
  • Grass ClippingsWhat to do with your left over clippings is a tossup for most owners. On one hand it will leave your lawn looking so much better. On the other hand you have to contend with the additional work involved. In some cases you can using mulching mower. Mulching mower does is that it reduces clippings to a much smaller size. The smaller clippings are simply placed right back onto the grass. This allows the clippings to decompose much quicker and otherwise return to the soil. In fact, leaving your grass clippings on your grass after you've cut it will act as an exceptional fertilizer. In some cases it is actually better than removing it. This is because grass clippings provide a natural nitrogen fertilizer. If you remove it after you cut your grass every week then your lawn may experience a nitrogen deficiency. If your lawnmower does not have a mulching mode or the capacity to cut grass short then we do not recommend it. This is because it will take longer for the soil to absorb the grass.

    There are two other instances when we recommend avoiding placing your excess grass clippings on your lawn. Either when there is signs of lawn disease or if there are weeds present. Leaving excess grass clippings will only encourage the spread of disease and weeds that much more.

    Depending on where you live your municipality may take care of the organic waste for you. Most municipalities in southern Ontario have green bins that you can place your clippings in.

    With that said if you're able to get small clippings then we recommended it. If not check with your local municipality and find out what type of green bin or brown bag programs are available in your community.

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