• Best Grass Cutting Company in Oakville

    April 19, 2016 | Blog | root
  • Ok, we'll admit that we might be a bit biased with this article. However, we'll set aside our grass cutting company for a moment and give you the absolute truth with respect to what to look for. Will be honest with a the true 'low down' of what to consider in any lawn care company. Let's start with the obvious...

    Grass Cutting Company Appearance

    Best Grass Cutting OakvilleWhen it comes to looks for lawncare companies appearance matters. And it might matter a lot more than you think. If you look at company vehicles associated with landscaping some of them have these elaborate and expensive murals on the side of their vehicles and trailers. Some are actually quite attractive featuring grass, leaves and/or an assortment or variety of other things relating to landscaping. Employees are uniformed and dispatched like a coordinated and well rehearsed play when arriving at your property. It's like clockwork. Let's take it one step further. What about the appearance of the workers. Now I know I mentioned uniforms but what about personal hygiene? Above and beyond all that how about considering the cleanliness of the vehicles and equipment? While this is not conclusive or indicative of a 'good' or 'bad' job as a home owner you may wish to consider the possibility of a correlation between a clean grass cutting company and a clean landscape. The reality is if a lawncare company demands respect of its employees and equipment there is likely going to be a certain standard set when it comes to taking care of your property as well.

    Grass Cutting Company Insurance

    The big insurance consideration. This is probably the most important factor. And surprisingly a lot of people don't request insurance. And if they do a simple yes or nod of the head is all that is needed to satisfy them. It is amazing considering what is actually happening. A company is on your property once per week with machines that have rotating blades. Even the best of the best grass cutting companies have minor accidents but without insurance these can turn into major liabilities. You as a homeowner could be liable for somebody else's negligence. Do you really want to be in that position? If you come across a decent grass cutting company they will be happy to show you any and all of their paperwork. Companies that don't and/or attempt to avoid the topic should raise red flags. As a homeowner you have right to not only ask that see a copy of the company's insurance policy. Established companies, such as Clear Cut Group, already have such documents readily available which can be easily email to clients upon request. This is something you should seriously consider doing for any company doing any type of work on your property above and beyond lawncare.

    Grass Cutting Company Testimonials & References

    Don't be fooled by online reviews. Think about this for second. If you will a company and you had the capacity to rate yourself wouldn't you? We have seen this far too often above and beyond landscaping industry. It is also extended to other industries such as hotel accommodations. This isn't to say that you can dismiss them completely. Just be cautious about believing everything that you read on a 'rating' website. The best approach is to always look into a few different sources. Don't be afraid to ask the company for references. Use Google to search anything negative associated with the company such as liens or bad business. Try googling the business owners name and phone number. This isn't being surreptitious or sneaky. It is a homeowner doing their due diligence to ensure they have hired the right company. Because of the end of the day it is your property and your money.

    Clear Cut Group has worked very hard at being the best grass cutting company in Oakville, Mississauga and surrounding areas. We pride our selves at providing outstanding customer service, competitive rates and attention to detail. If you would like a quote and/or have a question about lawn care feel free to contact us and our staff would be happy to discuss your needs. 

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