• What is Dethatching? Should you Dethatch your Lawn?

    April 27, 2016 | Blog | root
  • We have all seen a young lad knocking on doors in the neighborhood with a grass mower at the end of the driveway trying to make a few bucks. Once in a blue moon you may have also seen something other than a grass mower. It looked odd and while it had the shape of the grass mower the bottom and had a series of spikes or blades. What on earth could this machine be used for?

    Thatch is basically dead roots, grass and other plant material that have not yet decomposed. When you dethatch a lawn you're essentially cutting away at the thatch with blades while simultaneously removing the excess debris. We can do this through a detaching machine or manually through a rake specifically designed for thatching.

    The main reason for dethatching or removing this layer is to ensure exposure of carbon dioxide to your soil. This will not only sustain the health of your existing roots but it will also stimulate new growth as well. Dethatching also allows moisture to connect with the root system effectively. By removing the layer of dead leaves, roots, grass and other plant material this will ensure any water will reach deep within the grass roots.

    Dethatching is maintenance task that should be done every other year. Please view this video for more information. 

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