• Gerald Mulhall started this business because he saw residential clients were not being serviced properly because everyone wanted to look after the commercial clients only.

    He started out focusing on the residential market with a couple of services and it blossomed from there. He added on additional services and maxed out at 5 services that he could properly provide to the residential community.

    Because of providing service to the residential clients he was than asked about commercial maintenance from various sources. That took more equipment and staff and he made the leap into the commercial market providing summer and winter services. That also allowed him to take on more residential clients because of his staff and equipment.

    He is a STRONG BELIEVER that you can't be everything to everybody which is why he only offers 5 services to his clients. Clients kept asking for additional services but he didn't veer from his focus. So he looked around the industry to find the right people for the job for his clients. After all his name is on the line.

    Now he offers additional services to his clients because of the relationships he has build over the years. There are some bad contractors out there and he feels he has found the cream of the crop for his clients.

    So if you are browsing around and need something we don't have listed on our site just ask, we may have a contractor you can get in touch with.