• Privacy Policy

  • Privacy Policy

    At Clear Cut Group we respect your privacy. Any information you submit to us is used specifically to provide you more information about a service (or services) that we offer and/or to otherwise answer any questions that you might have. From time to time we may send you an email about upcoming specials. You can opt out of these emails at any time. Aside from that we won't contact you, bother you and/or use and/or sell/give your information to any third party in any capacity.


    The information on this website is presented to end users as-is. While every attempt has been made by the developer and owner of Clear Cut Group we cannot guarantee the accuracy of all the information listed on this website. When an end user forwards and otherwise uses the free quote form or makes a general inquiry to Clear Cut Group the end user recognizes and understand that they will be contact in response to their inquiry and may be contacted in the future for upcoming specials. If an end user does not agree or abide by these terms then they may make an opt-out request to Clear Cut Group.

    Cookie Policy

    Clear Cut Group uses cookies. The use of cookies is limited to our clients geographical location. The purpose of which is to give them the best website experience possible. The location of anyone visiting this website reflects specific information that is shown to the end users thus ensuring the most accurate information for the end users area is shown. Cookies will expire after 1 week.

    For questions, comments and/or concerns about our privacy policy please feel free to contact us.