• Sodding Service

  • At Clear Cut Group we know about sodding and the processes involved.

    Did you know there are 3 ways of getting fresh sod laid down?

    We do and would love to explain our process to you!

    • We have the personal service and knowledge right from the time we answer the call to the time we visit with you - We don't use a call centre to field calls, our people KNOW what they are talking about
    • We use farm fresh sod cut from the field each and every morning
    • We have the equipment to do jobs in backyards of all sizes
    • We have the knowledge to make sure your job comes out looking like it should
    • We have the capacity to handle multiple jobs at a time
    • We have the ability to maintain it afterwards for you as well

    Clear Cut Group has a website designated to our Sod Service. Please visit our Sodding Service for more information. 


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